Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winter getaway to Wyoming

This year we were planning an adventuresome getaway to Costa Rica for our winter vacation. After much discussion and family issues, we felt obligated to change our plans and go to Cody Wyoming to visit my mother in-law who was just moved into a long term living facility. We decided to tweak our getaway and stay at a nice hotel.

Since we own a Cape Cod bed and breakfast we were able to do a trade with a lovely boutique hotel in Cody called the Chamberlin Inn. We not only had a fantastic stay but made new friends with the innkeepers, Ev and Susan. They have beautifully restored this property with intricate metal and brick on the exterior and tastefully decorated rooms inside.

We spent most of our time packing up the family home and visiting my mother in law, but on the last day we decided to take most of the day for ourselves and what a special afternoon we had. Upon our innkeepers suggestion we headed up to Shell, Wyoming where a recent archeological find included some dinosaur tracks. The weather was absolutely perfect with full sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. We did some hiking, had a picnic lunch, took some great pictures and had some great laughs on a nearby hill.Our day concluded with a relaxing dinner at Trapper Creek Mountain Lodge.

We drove back to our beautiful room in Cody knowing that this was an absolutely perfect vacation. We not only had a relaxing but busy stay in Cody, but we were able to spend some quality time with my mother-in-law, put a smile on her face each day, made some new friends and have fond memories of our afternoon in Shell, Wyoming.