Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year's resolution

My 2009 New Year's resolution was to become more social with respect to people from my past. As a happy and very social Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast innkeeper, not many would suspect that I have not always been social. My family history, small town upbringing, and personal early antisocial behavior helped define a very introverted character. So, in an effort to effect a continuing transition, I have created a blog for Donna and I to stay in touch with our guests, friends and family, a facebook account to reach out to classmates from Cody wyoming, my university, Northern Arizona University and to the younger crowd that populates these type of social sites. I believe this exercise is really a look forward to a time in 10 years or so when Donna and I will not be innkeepers, but happily retired and looking forward to visiting places and people from our past. Building and enhancing relationships.

TEASER : Below the fold is a quote from Alexander Hamilton. The lesson I take is twofold: we are incredibly simplistic and non creative when describing those we do not like today and the cause of that is likely to be our reliance on technology that enables quick, short, and non thoughtful communication and secondly, a reminder that without this level of skill I am much better off thinking well of everyone!!


Alexander Hamilton on John Adams

This scrutiny [of some of Adams's writings] enhanced my esteem in the main for his [Adams's] moral qualifications, but lessened my respect for his intellectual endowments. I then adopted an opinion, which all my subsequent experience has confirmed, that he is a man of an imagination sublimated and eccentric; propitious neither to the regular display of sound judgment, nor to steady perseverance in a systematic plan of conduct; and I began to perceive what has been since too manifest, that to this defect are added the unfortunate foibles of a vanity without bounds, and a jealousy capable of discoloring every object.

Do a google search for "Best Insults" and one can easily speculate about the qualities that technology and quick communication have brought us.